October 6, 2022

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    Stephen Burrows Spring 2013

    Stephen Burrows spring 2013 is saturated with wares fit for Barbie’s closet and filled with pieces for a daring fashionista wish list. Burrows–who presented the collection during fashion week in front of icons such as Pat Cleveland, Alva Chinn, Debbie Dickinson and Rennie– showcased

  • Hot!

    Fashion Icon Stephen Burrows Styles Barbie

    Fashion icon Stephen Burrows teams up with Barbie to bring Pazette Barbie in all her chic awesomeness! Burrows is a known friend of Andy Warhol and frequenter of Studio 54, and lets not forget he dresses fabulous fashionistas like Cher.

  • Hot!

    Sneak Peek: Stephen Burrows Fall 2011

    For Fall 2011, designer Stephen Burrows, was inspired by “Egg shapes with controlled volume…from body conscious to a lost fit, and straight to dolman sleeves. I have stripes, both narrow and wide, with a layered mix of prints and solids

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