June 15, 2021

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    Dead’s Man Cell Phone Play Review

    One of beautiful thing about being a Fabulous New Yorker is, one has so many options at their  finger tips.  One is ability to see plays but Broadway is not the only place to see an entertaining play.  This past

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    Good Eats: MojaMix Premium Custom Mixed Cereal

    Do you have a person in your life that is a health nut? Is that person you?  Well, in my circle of friends – Its definitely me. I received my package of MojaMix and it was gone within a few

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    Moxie Feminine Hygiene Product Review

    Most if not all women hate when their aunts flow comes to visit. Well, Moxie Products make it more glamorous. If you are the cutesy, pink loving, hello kitty type woman – you will LOVE this product! Moxie packages its

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    Carrera Summer Escape Finale Party

    Ramscale Studios was the hotspot of the weekend if you knew about it.  Why you ask? Well, because that’s where all the hot people where as they lounged and sun tanned all thanks to the Carrera the makers of the

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    Product Review: Good Clean Love “Lavender Rose”

    Good Clean Love “Lavender Rose” A product review By Maisha A L Dang (www.maishadang.com) I recently was grocery shopping at Whole Foods. My cart was full but I knew I was missing one important item “my personal lubricant.” Slightly embarrassed,

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