August 6, 2021

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    Must Have: Juicy Couture Aloha Print Dress

    Juicy Couture is having a moment! Recently, the brand it seems it trying to change its image by creating looks and designs that are more sophisticated and that will appeal to people over 16. And, this is an example of

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    Must Have: Juicy Couture ‘Sirius’ Print Silk Dress

    If the current direction stands said the Juicy Couture logo pant-suit will be a think of the past. Obviously, we are incredible grateful because, among other things, those pantsuits have been replaced with gorgeous clothes such as this printed stunner.

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    Sneak Peek: Juicy Couture Fall 2012

    Beefy security guards lined an abandoned roman villa on 63rd and 5th avenue. Inside a phalanx of editors, and special invited guests including Emma Roberts,Kate Mara, Anna Faris, and Sami Gayle, gathered for a special cocktail party featuring looks from

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    HOT VID: Juicy Couture Spring/Summer 2012 Behind the Scenes Video

    Here’s a cool behind the scenes video for Juicy Couture Spring/Summer 2012 Campaign.  The campaign was shot by Inez & Vinoodh in LA, stars Anna S and portrays the confident, glamorous identity of the brand’s Los Angeles heritage

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    Sneak Peek: Juicy Couture Spring 2012

    Forget everything you’ve come to expect from Juicy Couture (read: college inspired tracksuits with a Juicy label conveniently placed in the rear) because the company is undergoing a major re-branding. And, the results, as evidence in the latest collection from

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