January 22, 2021

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    Rock On Tilda! We think You Got it Right at The Golden Globes.

    In just about every fashion recap from last night’s Golden Globes, Tilda Swinton, received a lot of flack because of her decision to wear a two-tone (White and Champagne) ensemble from designer Jill Sander but the bad press is (in

  • Catherine Zeta Jones, Anne Hathaway, Sofia Vergara, Olivia Wilde

    Golden Globes the Good/Bad and the Red, Black and Green

    Unless you’ve been in a bunker thinking the Armageddon was finally here, you are probably well aware two things happened tonight – one the Jets won and two (what’s really the most important to us) the Golden Globes happened. As

  • Hot!

    TFR: Best Dressed at the Golden Globes

    Award season has kicked into high-gear, and despite what’s happening in Haiti actors came out, in full force with  fabulous duds to recognize the great works of this this year. While, they were some misses–that I shall not name– many

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