August 7, 2022

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    H&M Fall 2012 Look Book

    If there’s one thing H&M is really really good at (and no we aren’t talking about their collabs) is translating trends into wearable pieces of clothing for the masses at ‘I don’t have to starve for a month go to

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    First Look: Louis Vuitton x Sofia Coppola Cruise 2012

    Sofia Coppola, maker of one best invention known to mankind — Sofia–champagne in a can (oh and its very good), has teamed up with luxury French Fashion House Louis Vuittonto create a special line. And, we have the images from

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    J. Crew Fall 2011 LookBook

    Here’s your first look at what’s coming to J. Crew this Fall!  Under the direction of Jenna Lyons and Marissa Webb, the Fall 2011 collection from J. Crew,  is as usual  bright, bold colors,  trendy and chic with silhouettes that

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    First Look: Brochu Walker Summer Sun 11

    There’s a rumor going around that Spring is here, though we see no signs of this rumor being true, we figure why not prepared it for anyways. With its easy layering and California vibe, Brochu Walker (they also recently launched

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    First Look: Alexander Jagger Fall 2011

    Remember, when I told you about my general dislike of denim? Well it seems the world of fashion is trying to make a lier out of me. Now, I am slowly starting to accept denim as a style staple, especially

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