February 9, 2023

Top Tips For Summer Fun

Summer is officially here, and with sunny days and late nights, it is the best season when it comes to having fun. It is the ideal time to see more of the world and go traveling, do some good in

How To Have The Perfect Girls Weekend

It isn’t hard to crack the perfect girls weekend, provided you get organized in plenty of time. With Airbnb showcasing some superb houses these days, it couldn’t be easier to split the cost across your group of friends and then

Six Tips for Saving Money on Your Engagement Ring

So, you’re ready to tie the knot and you’ve started looking for the perfect engagement ring. Choosing the perfect engagement ring can be a completely nerve wracking experience, and everybody would like to buy an engagement ring that will make

Four Ways Technology Is Changing the Beauty Industry

While it doesn’t really seem logical that technology has even made its way into the beauty industry, it really has done just that. In fact, technology is changing the industry in more ways than you can imagine. From the way

Great Skincare Tips for Winter Time

Winter is very hard on your skin. The cold air and bitter winds can easily leave it dry and flaky, while colds can lead to a rad and sore nose. Then there’s the festive period; more alcohol and makeup is

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    Rekindling a Flame

    Images Courtesy of Jimmy Turrell via New Times To do list:  A threesome, a love affair with me, myself and I  by Shantee Gordon On December 29th 2008 I sat on my living room floor pen in hand and ready

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    Around the World Today

    My boo Orlando Bloom was robbed. How rude. Ivanka’s Mama is thrilled. Ne-Yo breaks on down on stage, cancels show. This hurts. Video of Ne-Yo crying here. Gerard Butler getting Nasty with his co-start. Project Runway all star edition coming

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    What The Fabulous People are Reading…

    Single Ladies, find yourself a boo in one of these “hot spots” Apprentice winner really is making it to the top Kanye West girl is going places Channing Tatum is showing the world his goods

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    What The Fabulous People are Reading…

    Even Penquins have homewreckers Linda breaks up Harry and Pepper. Who said cursing is bad? Canadian-made HIV vaccine close to human trial. Cats are evil- joking, but they do control their owners.

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