August 4, 2021

Maille Releases a Spring 2016 Collection of Gourmet Mustards

Spring collections aren’t just for fashion anymore. French brand Maille, known for its Dijon mustard (for more than 265 years, in fact!) has released a limited-edition collection of gourmet vegetable-flavored mustards called Les Jardins Secrets des Chefs (French for The

Where to Eat AND Drink: Billet & Bellows

One stop off the L train, you’ll find a new neighborhood gem in Williamsburg in the form of Billet & Bellows. This newcomer offers the best of both worlds when it comes to liquid libations and savory bites. The food

Where to Eat: BV’s Grill

We’re no stranger to the Bobby Van’s group of dining destinations – so it was an absolute treat to head over to the newly opened BV’s Grill, located on 56th and 3rd Avenue, where the atmosphere is what we like

Geoffrey Zakarian & Guests Celebrate the Debut of Jean de Lillet 2010

A few nights ago, we had the pleasure of attending the launch celebration of Jean de Lillet 2010. Hosted in Food Network personality and acclaimed chef Geoffrey Zakarian‘s gorgeous east side food studio, the fete involved tastings of Maison Lillet’s

Last Minute Superbowl Food Idea

So, you’ve mastered the art of “hostessing,” and now that Superbowl is today you want to show everyone just how good you’re at playing house.  Let’s see you’ve got your signature cocktail but you just know there’s something you need to wow

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    Good Eats: Fine Rome Eats at Antica Pesa

    A little piece of Italy has arrived in Williamsburg, and in the process shaking the hipsters living the in the nabe. Okay, this is not entirely true. However, Antica Pesa, a Roman restaurant opened its newest location stateside in ‘burg. The

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    TOY Restaurant Hosts a Party to Unveil The Oyster Bar and TOY Collection

    After hearing a lot buzz and having attending a slew of events at TOY, a little thing such as a severe allergy to shell fish (in particular Oysters), did little to dissuade me from attending the unveiling of their Oyster Bar. So this

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    Chote Nawab Welcomes Indian Food Enthusiasts

    Shiva Natarajan’s sixth NYC restaurant Chote Nawab recently opened its doors to welcome Indian food enthusiasts to experience a vast variety of Indian dishes from both the north and the south. Chote Nawab, which translates to “Little Prince,” is the

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    Fab Eats: Sticky’s Finger Joint

    We recently popped into NYC’s “first variety gourmet chicken finger restaurant” (yes, we have one of those now) and are trying hard not to salivate just at the thought of our experience there. But boy, TFR readers, are we excited

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    The Darby: What to Wear

    The Darby Restaurant (as well as the Darby Downstairs) has seen really interesting people and extravagant parties in the short time since it has opened.  On a really special evening, if you know whom to contact, you might hear a performance from Melanie Fiona, celebrate the

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