December 8, 2022

Four Tips For Making the Most of Every Day

If you are currently concerned that you are not making the most of every day, it is important that you immediately switch up your approach. Or else, you could end up looking back in regret. In order to prevent this

How To Have The Perfect Girls Weekend

It isn’t hard to crack the perfect girls weekend, provided you get organized in plenty of time. With Airbnb showcasing some superb houses these days, it couldn’t be easier to split the cost across your group of friends and then

Why This Iluminage Pillowcase = Your Next Beauty Purchase

A pillowcase seems like something so simple – something we don’t give that much thought to beyond if it matches the color of our bed sheets and comforters… but the Iluminage Skin Rejuvenating Pillowcase with Patented Copper Technology is a

Fun Cocktails Facts

This is probably not news to many of you but cocktails are having a moment.  And why wouldn’t it? Women are increasingly enjoying spirits that were traditionally enjoyed by men. With the wave of costumers enjoying fancy cocktails so does the

The Park Hyatt Hotel and Friends of Finn Celebrate VIP (Very Important Puppy) Treatment

Yup – Very Important Puppy. We were honored to attend a special puppy play date this past Monday at the Park Hyatt Hotel with our own VIP, Coco. Animal rights group Friends of Finn (founded by Amanda Hearst) celebrated its partnership

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    How to Move On and Love Yourself After a Breakup

    Why are breakups so hard to get past? Whether there was toxicity, infidelity, violence, or the two of you simply grew apart, the sting of letting go of a romantic tie is heartbreaking. While you try to tell yourself that,

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    What to Wear on a Bleisure Getaway

    The work-life balance grows increasingly difficult to juggle as the internet of things keeps business professionals ever-connected to their careers. Even on vacation, the blogger spends time responding to comments, the CEO attends a video conference, or the receptionist checks

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    The 4 Principles of Building a Nest Egg

    The term “nest egg” is familiar to anyone who has ever thought about their personal finances. It’s one of those buzz terms that people throw around without always knowing exactly what it means. It turns out that it is among

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    Top Fitness Trends for 2019

    From cycling to Nintendo Wii Workouts and from the Thighmaster to Yoga, every year has its share of fitness trends, and 2019 is no exception. No matter which of these trends you choose to follow, the point is to do

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    Here’s How You Can Get a Cute First-Aid Kit

    We know Target has everything. But did you know the retail giant is currently home to an exclusive first aid storage kit that? Because they do and as expected is really cute. Best of all the BAND-AID® Brand kit, which

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