June 28, 2022
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Hot! Polyvore Adds New Style Analytics Tool to its Product Offering

Fashion types are notoriously fickle and weary of change, but with the recent advances in technology and social media, style brands are starting to realize the importance of using technology to enhance customer experience. Companies that best use interactive ways to attract and retain customers seem to have an advantage over the ones that are resistant to change. The recent launch of Boutiques.com seems to have spurred a wave of changes that will benefit the masses; the Style Analytics Tool from Polyvore, an online community site with over seven million unique visitors one new tool, in particular, has the internet buzzing.

With the rise of social media, there’s an enormous amount of customer feedback for companies to digest,” said Jess Lee, Polyvore Co-founder and Head of Product Management on the decision to launch the tool. “Our goal is to provide brands, large and small, with a simple tool that can help them make decisions about merchandising and marketing.” The analytical tool will offer companies valuable information about consumer engagement on a daily basis. Executives or anyone for that matter can the gauge how consumers to respond to a product. Over time companies will be able to see the information and therefore track what consumers are responding to and see products are consumers are loving before goods even hit stores.

The Style Analyticals Tool, which is free and in the Beta phase, ranks brands based on product engagement levels and statistical analysis. Using the enormous data generated from the daily activity of the million users, Polyvore is able to translate the information into useful data.


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