April 14, 2021
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Hot! TFR First Look: CAVI Clothing

I know I normally ignore my male readers. Yes, I know you exist but don’t you worry, I won’t ignore you guys for much longer. To show you that I care, today I am introducing Cavi clothing. Cavi is a fantastic company that designs practical sports wear with an interesting spin and are known for their signature crest with bold colors and prints, and best of all the clothes contain their trademark gold buttons. [simage=2306,200,y,right] Additionally, they pride themselves in their tailored fit and innovative designs. It is no wonder that celebrities such as 50 cent, Fabolus, Jay-Z, John Legend, Ne-yo, and many more are fans.

I recently attended the showroom recently for a preview of the current collection as well as the next season’s. My take: Impressive. The choice of fabrics and depth of design is so unique. I tend to never notice men’s clothing, but I would notice pieces from this collection on a man. Is it bad that I also wanted to buy a shirt from the collection for myself? Before you answer that question remember boyfriend inspired clothing is in Vogue at the moment. I am just saying….

[simage=2315,160,y,left] If that’s not enough to get  you excited– maybe the price will. The collection is very affordable, a “standard” shirt usually retails for about $42.  Great price and great collection. Ladies, if you are looking for a gift for your “boo” look into a piece from this collection.

Want to see more pictures? Sure you do….


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