October 28, 2021
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Hot! LeMetric Hair– The Power of Hair Recap

It was an all out hair pow wow at the Saks Fifth Avenue SFA Cafe December 15th as they hosted The Power of Hair, a panel discussion about, what else hair, and its relation to culture, women and society.  It was an interesting set up of panelist who included celebrity dermatologist Dr. Judith Hellman MD, hair guru Eugene Smith, Fashion QandA Editor at large Quinna Smith and sex therapist and psychiatrist Dr. Dennis Lin, MD.  The discussion was moderated by firecracker Elline Surianelle, founder and CEO of LeMetric Hair Center INC, who after suffering for many years with unsatisfactory hair loss solutions developed her own customized “hair additions” for women with alopecia and thining hair.  [simage=2330,200,y,right] Basically, it’s the best hair enhancement technique you will ever come across, you can wash it, cut it and style it as though it were your own and it is made right here in NYC.
Upon my arrival I noticed woman receiving complimentary makeovers courtesy of Laura Mercier Cosmetics but my attention was quickly diverted when my eye caught a glimpse of a table filled with delectable fresh fruit and assorted cheeses and breads.  Tactfully I made my way over and picked my share of plump strawberries and juicy pineapple.  Realizing that the discussion was soon to begin, I decided to reserve my seat. Patiently waiting for the main event I sipped on white wine while chatting it up with attendees.  I observed all of the women filling their bellies while checking out each other’s hairdos, I mean after all that was to be the topic of the evening.

When the panel finally did begin, each member gave a little info on their background and a blurb of their views on hair.  When the interactive segment began and the guest chimed in with their questions, there was a bit of a disconnect.  It seemed as though people were looking for concrete answers, i.e what’s the best moose to use or best facial wash and so forth.  They didn’t understand that this was a discussion regarding hair and it’s affects on the lives of women and those around them.  One brazen woman even asked hairstylist Eugene, which of his celeb clientele suffers from hair loss and uses hair pieces.   Everyone laughed but she was quite serious, who knows maybe she had too many glasses of wine.
But the overall affect I felt was great.  All of the panel members made some fascinating remarks on the cultural aspects of hair and beauty.  And most of the guests seemed to have been happy, how could they not be.  I mean, they were in a beautiful setting, eating and drinking on the house and hearing ideas from respected professionals.  It doesn’t leave room for much complaining  In the end I walked away with the latest issue of New Beauty and WLS Lifestyles magazine that I may re gift to someone I don’t like, and discounts on various procedures provided by Dr. Judith Hellman, MD.  Is it my birthday already?
Jenaya Singleton

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