May 11, 2021
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Hot! Alexa Chung’s at Louis Vuitton Store for a Party w/Teen Vogue

DSC04725I was happy to seek refuge from the cold at the Louis Vuitton  and Teen Vogue party hosted by Alexa Chung December 10th.  Pleasantly surprised by the turnout, I checked my coat and grabbed a drink from the first tray that I spotted.  It was only after a few sips of this sparkling concoction that was garnished with a cherry that I came to the sad realization that this wasn’t an alcoholic beverage. BOO! Needless to saw I was then a mission for an adult drink and in the meantime I mingled and wiggled my way through the gigantic store.  In my pursuit I noticed celebs Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine), who while is a little girl had such a womanly demeanor and Donnie Klang (Making the Band) who couldn’t take two steps before another tween asked for a pic.

Manicures and mini makeovers were done on the second floor.  The lines were so long so I didn’t even dare make an attempt to wait in line.  Besides, it would have been quite embarrassing standing in a line with a bunch of 12 year olds because I missed an appointment at the salon this week.  Let’s just say it wouldn’t have done much for my reputation.  I soon discovered that the drinks were on the top floor, hidden far away from the under 21 crowd.  With my thirst for champagne quenched–by Moet I might add, my second mission was to find food.  The hors o’d’oeuvres were nothing short of amazing, with everything from mini burgers and quesadillas, to ceviche and salmon on a cracker.

Distracted by the great music spun by British invader Alexa Chung, and the teeny boppers in their best gossip girl inspired ensembles, I was truly having a great time.  At a little after nine the party were got the hint it was time to go. The servers began packing up shortly after 9 and the crowd suddenly got very thin.  In a matter of minutes, the music was shut off, manicurists stopped mid polish and everyone was being directed toward the exit.

Unfortunately, the only tangible thing to be taken from the party was the latest copy of Teen Vogue.  So in my effort to be green and not waste any resources I left empty handed.  But despite that minor disappointment, Teen Vogue and Louis Vuitton threw one heck of a shindig.

Jenaya Singleton



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