November 30, 2022
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Hot! Trends for 2020 You Need to Get Ahead of ASAP

The coming year is no ordinary new year, as 2020 is brimming with excitement and a new vision for many people. With a fresh new decade comes new possibilities for all aspects of life, especially when it comes to romance, adventure, relationships and fashion.

So, prepare to take on this exciting time by learning about some of the hottest trends around.

Here are three trends for 2020 that will help you get ahead and get more pleasure out of life, no matter what plans you have in mind.

1. Taking Adventure Travel Far Off the Beaten Path

Depending where your travels have taken you previously, chances are good there’s several states or countries on your bucket list to see and explore. Have you decided on a particular destination? If not, going off the proverbial grid is a hot travel trend, with experts recommending the following sites and adventures:

  • Viewing the magnificent and picturesque icebergs in Greenland
  • Driving from Kazakhstan to Mongolia and beyond
  • Hiking up a volcano in north Sudan
  • Excavating Mayan ruins in Belize
  • Exploring Roman ruins that include the ancient city of Dougga

To get started, choose your ideal adventure travel trek, set your itinerary, and gather your gear before setting off for good times.

2. Spicing Up Your Love Life

Every relationship requires some added spice from time to time, but don’t fear working proactively with your partner to keep the fire burning for the both of you. Talk to and work with your sweetheart to make sure you stay on the same page as much as possible. Beyond that, there’s no reason you can’t take it upon yourself to create special moments for the two of you.

Here are a few sassy ideas to help get the temperature rising:

  • Indulge in a couples massage with candles and oils.
  • Use some sexy and salty language if you call your partner during work hours.
  • Ditch work and make a play day together, where you both enjoy anything that tickles your fancies.
  • Enjoy a private dance party with your love while wearing your most attractive lace garter or teddy.

3. Volunteering to Boost Your Sense of Purpose

Some good, old-fashioned time and effort helping others can go a long way toward helping you feel better about yourself, your life and your future. With that in mind, here are a few of the most popular volunteerism trends in 2020:

  • Volunteerism that requires special skills and knowledge: Volunteers are needed and appreciated from all walks of life, including those who have architectural, construction, photography, social media, marketing, accounting, medical, legal and other types of skilled services that often require a degree of expertise and know-how and which may be too expensive for everyday people to undertake.
  • Volunteer positions that offer flexibility: Before technology became so prevalent, it was essential that volunteers met at a common place prior to each project or endeavor. With mobile devices and remote capabilities, however, volunteers can sometimes work from the comfort of their own home. Whether you work on a campaign for a politician in whom you’ve placed your trust, or you offer to help organize the logistics for deliveries at a local food pantry, you can learn more about yourself and others to enrich your life with minimal impact on your daily schedule.
  • Volunteer to train others for volunteer positions: If you have previous experience with a certain type of philanthropic endeavor, help onboard new volunteers by showing them the ropes in order to set them up for success. Bring in the next wave of volunteers and share the organization’s history and goals for the future.

These Trends and Others Can Help You Make the Most of 2020 and Beyond

Regardless of your goals for 2020, you can definitely make the most out of this exciting new year. Opportunities for fun, adventure and giving back to the community abound. With some advanced preparation, you can determine what you desire most out of this time in your life and go for it.

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