February 8, 2023
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Hot! The Time When Kevin Ross Killed it at Glade’s Pop-up

Kevin Ross Performing_TheFabulousReport

Its not exactly a secret that creatives are inspired by their surroundings to produce new pieces of art. Kevin Ross, MoTown’s newest superstar, is no exception. The artist, who recently partnered with Glade, was tasked with creating a new rendition of the brand’s “This Is My Wish” melody. Naturally, Kevin drew inspiration from a Glade scent in creating his version–a dulcet song blending soulful melodies with hip-hop sensibilities. “As an artist, I find creativity, feelings and emotions are inspired by the things that take you back to a specific moment in time,” he said of his creative process. “Glade® Sparkling Spruce reminds me of time spent with friends and family during the holidays and provided inspiration for my adaptation of this song.”

To celebrate the new partnership and fête the single, Glade invited a small group of influencers to their recently opened holiday pop-up in the meatpacking district. The evening offered scent exploration, mingling, and an intimate listening session featuring the up and coming star.  The Washington, D.C. native performed a medley of songs including (naturally) “This is my Wish” and “Dream” from his Dialogue in the Grey album, before taking questions from the audience and MC’s Sway.  Ross, answered questions about his future, song writing, and so much more. And ended the night taking pictures with guests.

“This is My Wish” is available for free download courtesy of Motown Records, on www.Glade.com/Wish. The website also features the official music video and behind-the-scenes footage, which is also featured on theGlade® YouTube page.

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