June 15, 2021
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Hot! Must Haves from Kitty Bradshaw

With the holidays in full gear, it seems everyone wants share what you should buy for whom! And, it can get overwhelming to sift through those suggestions. However, when you have a friend like Kitty, of KittyBradshaw, the process is a lot more fun; especially, when you walk away a bag full of her favorite finds (a la Oprah).

Here are just some of Kitty’s must have of the season:
Barefoot Wine & Bubbly–  A good bottle of wine is a must and Kitty seems to like this brand.
Goody Hair Accessories– Goody hair care has a really impressive selection of products. Kitty was particularly fond of the “ouch less” headbands.
Hanes Hosiery– It should go without seeing that bare legs in the winter is crazy talk. So, having a cool selection is a most. Hanes offers long lasting yet affordable tights.

CND Polish– funky nail polish colors is becoming increasingly important specially since nail art has become so popular. Kitty’s selection from CND was fun and so trendy.
Pencil Me in Cosmetics– Should you ever have the need to shave your head and want to make it cool. You will need these pencils because with them you can creatively add unique and fun characters to your head.


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