July 16, 2018

Hot! Get Rid of Germs with VeriPur

I am by no means a germaphobe but, after an outing that resulted in an awful cold for me (I was too busy being a social buttefly), I am slowly reconsidering my stance on germs. At a recent event hosted by VeriPur, I learned more than I wanted to know about germs and health. So, if you see me and I don’t touch you, it’s not personal I am just afraid of your germs.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and PreventionOnly 30% of people who have coughed or sneezed into their hands wash their hands afterwards.” And, a local trip to the local grocery store can really leave you afraid for human kind because, as we all are aware, people are nasty. Did you know that “the average shopping cart is loaded with more bacteria, saliva, and fecal matter than escalators, public telephones, and even public bathrooms?” What about your personal space? That isn’t much more cleaner-either. According the University Of Arizona,More than 75 percent of workers “only occasionally” clean their desks before eating and 20 percent never do.” I told you people are nasty.

Dr. Jim Sears

Now if you think your trusty “germ killer” will protect you from said folks, I am sorry to break the sad news to you. You see the typical hand sanitizer only protects for about 15 seconds. So, it doesn’t do “sugar.honey.iced.tea” yes punned intended.

This is were VeriPur comes to the rescue with their new non-drying, alcohol-free hand sanitizer that kills 99.9% of germs instantly and continues to protect for up to four hours after applying. This little bottle, which is available exclusively at Walgreens and retails for $4.99, gives you the hydrating benefits of a moisturizer while protecting the user from germs. What’s more it absorbs quickly and leaves no residue, just clean-feeling, silky-smooth hands.


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