April 11, 2021
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Hot! Product Review: ProFloss Dental Waterjet

The ProFloss Dental Waterjet

profloss01If you’re like me, you do not have time to floss too often yet still need a way to clean the extra debris in the small in-between places in your smile. The ProFloss dental waterjet was introduced to me, and I gave it a try. For the first week, I used it everyday after brushing and flossing. At first, it was a little difficult to connect to the faucet, but once I read the instructions clearly and figured out which way to turn the nozzle, it was very easy thereafter. I had to make sure to turn it on with the waterjet pick in my mouth. The first time I squirted water everywhere. The first speed didn’t really do much for me, though my mouth is not sensitive. The best setting where I found the most clean and massage was the fourth, the highest.

It comes with a reseal-able durable and waterproof plastic storage pouch which made it easy to take with me to restaurants. I hooked in the bathroom and got the excess food out of my teeth. I placed it back in the pouch and went back to enjoy time with my friend. It is suitable to use in place of flossing, but I had a cleaner feel in my mouth using it in conjunction with flossing.  On the whole, the ProFloss Dental Waterjet was a great experience and is a tool I would definitely add to my dental hygiene routine.proFloss2

ProFloss® Dental Waterjet is currently available at Meijer and select Target stores; at websites: cvs.com, target.com, dental-mart.com, pro-floss.com; and in catalogues: Feel Good Store and Vermont Country Store. It is also available direct from the manufacturer at 1-800-867-4673.

Cheers Lori Richardson

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