October 17, 2018

Hot! Spotlight on Style: Satya Twena Fine Millinery

We recently attended a champagne soiree at ABC Carpet and Home for the unveiling of Satya Twena’s first hat line of one of a kind handmade pieces. “I have literally hand sewn every piece,” says Twena. The intricacy of these designs certainly exemplified fine, detailed craftsmanship, with hats accented in fine details such as feathers, butterflies, bows, and delicate chains. “I’ve spent so much time making things that were safe and pretty, so I juxtaposed things that maybe don’t go together such as shredded materials and ostrich feathers.” The detail present in each hat made for a stunning collection of vibrant and daring designs that mix the familiar with fresh and exotic elements.

Twena studied architecture at Parsons School of Design and followed with three years at Studio Sofield, an architectural firm based in Manhattan. So it is no surprise that the Twena’s designs are not only intricate, but also structurally sound. “Materiality is big for me,” says Twena. And to reflect that, Twena also delighted guests with a gift of a beautifully constructed origami box, which Twena made herself and filled with chocolates.

The Soiree, which was held in the lovely mezzanine space at ABC Carpet and Home, consisted not only of Twena’s beautiful designs, but guests were also treated to champagne and cheeses amid the music of a jazz band.

By Melanie Meadows

Images of the launch Party

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Melanie Meadows

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