November 30, 2022
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Hot! Unique Travel Ideas/Vacations You Might not Have Thought of Yet

Everyone has a few travel destinations on their bucket list, but after awhile those can start to feel humdrum and, though not exactly boring, they seem at least a bit…predictable. Luckily, there are unique travel ideas and vacations that you might not have heard of, or at least haven’t thought of yet, to take the humdrum out of your travel plans. 

Whether you’re used to heading to a San Diego casino for a night of drinking and playing the slots or going to the beach for a weekend getaway, there’s nothing wrong with mixing it up on occasion and trying out these unique vacation ideas instead. 

Christmas Hop 
Most people save their traveling for the summer months of the year. But, what’s wrong with going on a Christmas hop to places like Europe or England, or just a few towns over for that matter? Traveling doesn’t mean that you can’t have a traditional Christmas with the tree, lights, and presents, it just means that you and your family will be exposed to the way other cultures celebrate the holiday and there is nothing wrong with that. 

A Volunteering Vacation 
If you’re looking for a teaching experience with your travel plans, a volunteering vacation is just what the doctor ordered. Whether it’s working with a non-profit or a volunteering trip with the church, you will teach your kids a valuable lesson. While most of the time people go on vacations for themselves, just once, try going on a volunteer trip to help others instead. You’ll be surprised at how great helping others on your vacation will make you feel. 

An Ancestry Vacation 
With all of the sites online today, it’s easier than ever to connect with your ancestors and learn exactly where you came from. It’s possible to visit Ireland, where your great, great uncle once lived or take a trip to Germany, where your great, great, great, grandmother lived in a village. The possibilities are endless and there is nothing more gratifying than getting back to your roots and learning where you came from at the same time. 

A Staycation 
For many people, there is no place that they would rather be than in the comfort of their own home. Not everyone wants to travel the world and see everything there is to see. For those people, there is nothing wrong with a staycation to relax and get away from it all. The great thing is that you can leave your home for a staycation as well. Simply check into one of the local bed and breakfasts for the night, or even the weekend, visit a few of the local attractions in your area, or simply enjoy a day at the local beach. The point is, you don’t have to travel abroad or to another state to have a great vacation; staying home is an option and it can be just as relaxing and a whole lot less expensive to boot.

A Nature Vacation 
If you love nature, then getting back to it on vacation is something you’ve probably considered before. Yet, many nature lovers feel that this isn’t really a vacation. Gather the family, pack some camping gear, and head out into the woods for a nature-only vacation. This means leaving all electronics and worldly goods behind so that you can truly have an all nature trip.  

It is recommended, however, to carry one cell phone so that you have a way to get in touch with the outside world should an emergency happen. 

These are just a few of the unique travel and vacation ideas you might want to consider when planning your next vacation. Whether it’s getting back to nature or a staycation in your own hometown, fun and relaxation are the points, so choose to do whatever is the most fun for you and your family. 

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