November 30, 2022
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Hot! Self Care: Here Are Some Ways to Take Care of Yourself During the Pandemic

At this moment in time, there is not a person alive who doesn’t need a break. And we are probably not going to get it from one another. This is one of those times where everyone is at their wits end. We are going to have to show ourselves a little love and provide a little self care.

As a nation and a world, we will come together again. We will recognize and appreciate our common humanity. We will remember how to love each other and care for the planet. Politics and pandemics don’t just make strange bedfellows; they make strained bedfellows. Right now, we are all strained to the breaking point.

You already take seriously your responsibility to support and care for the mental health of your family. What you might have forgotten is that you are a member of your family. And you owe as much care and support to your own mental health. In the event of an emergency, passengers are told to use the oxygen first, then help someone else with it. The same applies in all types of chaos. Here are some of the ways you can apply a little self-care:

Don’t Skimp on the TV

A lot of people will be treating themselves and their family to a new TV this year. After all, everyone is spending more time in the house than anyone expected or wanted. Everyone is binging on their favorite shows on their streaming service of choice. But they are watching their own shows on their own devices at different times.

A TV can bring the family back together for an hour a day. Find a show that everyone likes. Get a TV nice enough to make everyone want to watch it together. And get a TV mount so you can have it at the perfect height and location, not just where there is floor space for a TV stand.

Don’t forget the home theater speakers. A great picture is nothing without great sound. No one has been to a movie in a while. So give your family the kind of movie experience that makes them glad to be home. This is not the time to skimp on the TV and accessories. This is the time to do it up right.

Don’t Forget the Game Console

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have kids. Let’s face it: Consoles like Xbox and Playstation were not really made for kids. They were made for young adults with jobs that can support the price of the consoles and $60 games. Some of the most popular gamers in the tech world are well past their 40s.

One of the top gifts to buy for yourself is a game console. They only come out with new ones roughly every 7 years. This is the year for the big release of next generation consoles. Should you get Sony or Microsoft? Don’t be a brand loyalist. Get both. When applying self-care, it doesn’t make sense to shut yourself out of half of the gaming options. Go big or… Well, you’re already home. So just go big.

A Truly Personal Computer

Do you share your computer with your partner? Do the kids sometimes need to use your computer for their homework? If so, you don’t really have a personal computer to call your own. You have a shared computer. The good news is that Apple just introduced the newest MacBook Air with the industry-thumping M1 chip. It is just $999 or $899 with education discount.

That is still a lot more money than a good Chromebook or PC Ultrabook. But it is the latest and greatest thing going in the tech world right now. You can be one of the first to own the latest technology. That might be the kind of luxury you pass up in normal times. But these are self-care times. Get a computer that is personal and not shared. Spend some time enjoying luxury computing. Of course you don’t absolutely need it. But you will absolutely love it.

You do all kinds of things for your family just because they will love it. Now, it is time to do the same for yourself. Don’t skimp on the TV. Play some games and remember what it was like to have fun. And get a truly personal computer that you can call your own.

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