August 4, 2021
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Hot! Product Review: iHome Notebook Cooling Pad


I received this strange thing (iHome Notebook Cooling Pad with 2 Built-in Fans) a few months ago and truthfully didn’t use it right away;  but I spend so much time on my laptop so I was constantly feeling a warm between my laps and so I had to move myself around or manually blow computer to alleviate the problem.  Enough is enough and I decided it was time to give the iHome cooling pad a try. I mean, what do I have to lose right? Nothing, but  I was skeptical about the ability of this gadget to keep my legs cool and reduce the heat that  my laptop emanates.  My low expectations were frankly unjust– the product is perfect and my computer is now cooler.  I also found using the cooler improved my battery time.

The heating pad connects via a USA connection that comes with the heating pad.  It retails for $29.99 in black and white colors.  The product can purchased in nearly every place that sells electronic merchandise.  I saw it Amazon for cheaper than the suggested retail place.

I also think this is cool gift- for anyone who doesn’t want to buy it but will surely enjoy it.

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  1. If you you want to check out a really cool fanless product try ThermaPAK’s HeatShift cooler. I’ve only used fan products in the past but after switching to their cooler I notice a huge difference. is the website. 🙂