September 26, 2021
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Hot! John Mayer’s Battle Studies Album Review

by Shantee Gordon

 The JMBattlestudiesheart is the battlefield, the weapon of choice is sincere lyrics and “Battle Studies” is the guide for the restless lover in all of us. “Battle Studies’ is John Mayer’s 5th studio album that was released on November 17th 2009. In its first week of release, it sold a whopping 286,000 copies making it Mayer’s second #1 album on the Billboard 200 charts. Mayer was quoted as saying “The album is called Battle Studies and that’s because it incorporates a lot of the lessons, a lot of the observations, and a little bit of advice. Like a handbook, like a heartbreak handbook.” And who doesn’t need a little friendly advice in this area from time to time? With this album, Mayer delves into the soul of a man who has won at love, lost at it, and who’s just not looking for love. Mayer gives his audience a wide perspective on love and relationships with this project. These songs touch on just about every aspect from being single, lamenting over a lost love, unrequited desires, finding a new muse and no holds barred passion. “Battle Studies” offers that unique blend of soul, funk, and folk that is John Mayer. For those of you not familiar with Mayer’s music; channel blues legend B.B. king, Tracy Chapman, and maybe sprinkle a little bit of Lenny Kravitz.  Mix all this with Mayer’s uniqueness and you have the makings of an exceptional talent and memorable music. The tracks that resonate with me are “Edge of Desire”, “Do You Know Me”, “Friends, Lovers, or Nothing”, and “Assassins”. Heartfelt lyrics over brilliantly composed music makes “Battle Studies” a great addition to anyone’s music collection.

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  1. I love John Mayer and can’t wait to listen to the album. 🙂