February 5, 2023
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Hot! Dress Your Way to Success Tips for Today’s Young Executives


While culture has gone increasingly casual, it doesn’t bode well for the young executive who goes to business meetings dressed in tennis shoes and sweats. There is something to be said for dressing like a professional and if you are looking to work your way up the corporate ladder, there actually is a sort of unspoken dress code you should adhere to. No, you don’t always need to wear an Armani suit and a $500 silk tie, but you can dress in a casual suit, even if you refuse to complement it with a tie. Business attire should never be overly casual.

Balancing Image with Actual Knowledge

When you attended university to get your degree in business administration, whether you pursued an undergrad online degree in business or an on-campus MBA, you learned all of the principles of how a business is structured and operated. From branding to finances, everything you need to know to run a successful business is taught throughout the curriculum.

Once you have that degree in hand, it may seem as though you’ve nothing to prove. You did, after all, graduate with honors, almost at the top of your class. Some of today’s young executives seem to have skipped the sections on presentations and how important it is for you to present yourself as a professional – just as your sales presentations should be professionally developed as well.

Meeting with International Clients

It is always a wise thing to do to remember that not all cultures are as relaxed as ours. Most, if not all, European nations still dress rather formally when attending business meetings and conferences so don’t be an embarrassment to yourself or your company by showing up to a meeting underdressed. A casual day suit is sufficient but at least you will be dressed like a business professional. No, European businessmen are not going to show up in a tux, but you can be sure they will be dressed professionally with their shoes shined and their hair well groomed.

You Only Get to Make that First Impression Once!

So, you’ve studied hard and for the better part of the last few years you have been taking courses online. Perhaps you enrolled in an online business administration degree program from the Arizona State University and haven’t found it necessary to dress professionally very often. Don’t let that blind you to the need to dress appropriately when meeting with new clients because most often they will expect you to look the part. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it a good one.

You can sum up all of these little tips nicely, simply by recognizing the fact that it is still expected for executives to dress like business professionals when on the job. For weekend golf meetings and other sporting events you may take clients to, dressing casually is expected. However, never attend a business meeting of any kind unless you are suitably attired. That big merger you are working on could hinge on how you are perceived. Look the part and you’ll get a whole lot farther. That’s the truth.

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