January 30, 2023
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Hot! So Rihanna Wore a Doobie. What’s the Big Deal?


I don’t use this website to comment on the decisions or judge the lifestyles of the very famous. I much prefer to document their actions (if it all) and have you make decisions on their actions. However, today I am doing something differently. I felt compelled to comment on Rihanna’s hair discussion that resulted from her AMA look.

So she wore a doobie, what’s the big deal? A doobie (pronouced due-bee) for those of you who don’t frequent Dominican Salons, it is a protective hair style for African-American and Hispanic women. The hair is wrapped around the head using bobby pins at night to maintain the style and keep the hair healthy.

The style is not typically worn on public. Rihanna’s rule breaking hairstyle understandably caused an uproar among women of color. They wonder what the effect will be on those not aware of the style! Some also go as far to suggest that it has a negative image on the sisterhood. And to them, I say get over it. Rihanna slick hair was unique and refreshing, in the sea of beachy waves, bone straight hair and slick updos.  Rihanna is known for pushing the envelopes and carving a place for herself, the doobie choice is frankly fitting.

A hairstyle known to only a few is now in the minds of many. What’s wrong with feeling good under your skin or in the case with your hair in all various forms?


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