August 16, 2022
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Hot! Holiday Gift Idea: HTC PURE for AT&T

For the next couple of days until right before Christmas we are going to give YOU some great gift ideas for every person in your life– even if that person is you. We care.

HTC-Pure-ATT-600x1024The first one on the list: The HTC Pure, a slick smart phone from Microsoft. You may just like this really compact phone.  The phone is very affordable,  it costs $149.99 with a two-year contract with AT&T. The Pure features include: a 5 megapixel camera,  a voice recorder,  a handy GPS navigation application ( if you are directional challenged like me this feature can come in handy) and so much more.

The phone also comes pre-loaded with Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5, so it can function as a PDA. This makes opening and creating MS office documents on your phone very convenient. For instance, I was able to type short stories on the subway and emailed them to myself. Also, since the phone is wi-fi enabled, so you can use any available WiFi network, without having a data plan with AT&T. I connected to the internet using my personal WiFi connection and I was surprise as to how easy it was to connect.  This is feature is perfect for anyone who doesn’t need constant access to the internet.

With the HTC Pure, you have to select how often you want to retrieve and send messages;  though if the phone is on hibernation the messages are not downloaded. So, at night the messages won’t download– at least it didn’t for me. If you enjoy music but can’t bother to download music, the HTC Pure comes  pre-loaded with an FM radio.  I  listened to music via the radio without having an extra electronic device to carry with me. It’s perfect for me.

The Pure uses a sharp 3.2″ touch screen with 480 x 800 resolution this  makes viewing web pages very 21IMWOl+F+L._SS350_pleasant, and you can switch views for each webpage so browsing experience is very user-friendly. The Pure also comes with a full QWERTY keyboard this enables you to type and send message easily as there’s no learning curve. The keyboard is very small because the phone is very compact(see image on the right);  perhaps explains why the wrong letters were “recognized.” I also found the touchscreen was slow to respond to my touches or did not recognize what I was touching or attempting to touch. I don’t whether it was because it was my first time using touchscreen technology or it was the phone itself.   However, once I figure it out how to use the technology the problems slowed  and I found using the stylus–included with the phone, helped. It addressed many of those problems. You may want to keep in mind.

I love my current phone, I really do. So, I didn’t think that I could find a phone that would match my needs but this one does. And, it has some really nifty features like the FM radio, that really impressed me. The call quality is very impressive, the calls I made were clear and I didn’t hear much muffled voices, a plus. I spent many hours playing the games on the Pure. All in all, this phone is perfect for anyone looking for a phone that is easy to use, small, packed with many fun features such as Facebook, MS office mobile tools while affordable, shiny and cool. So, you may want to take a look at the phone.

Check out AT&T Page for complete speficification. Happy Shopping

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