February 4, 2023
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Hot! 6 Keys to Planning an Epic Holiday Party

The holiday season is upon us and with that comes holiday parties galore. It’s not too late to plan an epic holiday party your friends and family will love. The holidays remind us of delicious foods, bright lights, fun displays, and how important it is to gather with the people we care about. Take time to relax, enjoy the season, and throw a fantastic holiday bash. Keep it simple with lights and food, or bring in a theatrical element with many colors using pink smoke, green smoke, red smoke, and blue smoke. The combination of light and smoke will make your party stand out from the rest.

Create a Guest List

You need to decide who the guests are going to be. For an open house-style party, invite all your friends, family, and neighbors. A more targeted holiday party might be just for friends, or only family members. You may even plan a party for your work colleagues. Picking the guest list helps you decide on different theme options, what kinds of activities would be appropriate, and so much more. It can help you choose whether it’ll be an all ages party or something for adults only. Займ без процентов на карту.

Set the Theme

The theme can help direct all your party planning. If you’re an avid Christmas movie watcher, you can use these to help you create a fun theme. If you love Elf, you can incorporate elements of the movie with a fun sing-along and elvish décor. For the Christmas Story lovers, wear sweaters and outfits inspired by the movie. If you’re looking for a neutral holiday party theme, try focusing on winter and white lights. This can create an elegant backdrop for a more formal party as well. Add in some wedding sparklers during your holiday party to create a fun celebration.

Send Invitations

Nowadays, people expect electronic invites. This doesn’t mean you have to send a quick text or a boring email. Spice things up by creating a custom e-card invite with electronic RSVP options. This simple way of doing things helps you streamline your planning, and it also makes it easy on your guests. They can respond yes, no, or maybe at the click of a button. Some programs will even send a calendar reminder directly to their phones.

Plan the Decorations

Turn your home into a winter wonderland with white lights and fabric batting. Keep it traditional with evergreen wreaths and garland. Use red ribbon to create the beginnings of Santa’s workshop. Or create a Christmas wonderland with trees, shiny balls, and lights of all colors. The best decorations are sprinkled throughout the rooms. Think about centerpieces, decorations on the ceiling, and hanging from the walls. A holiday party is a great time to go all out. Nothing is tacky when it comes to creating a holiday scene.

Create the Menu

There are multiple ways to think about food for holiday parties. Are you going for a full meal, or would you prefer an appetizer spread? Do you want a formal environment, or will people be standing to eat? What about custom cocktails and desserts? Create a menu that sets the tone of the party. With plenty of places to sit down, you can serve meals that need to be eaten with forks and knives. For parties with mostly standing room, finger sized pieces of food are best. Serve a traditional holiday meal with all the fixings or offer the best Christmas treats alongside cheese and meat trays, warm dips, and comforting holiday foods. The menu should be foods you and all your guests will enjoy.

Think About Entertainment

Formal holiday parties usually include a dance floor and upbeat holiday music. Casual parties or parties with children may include a visit from Santa with some small gifts. Make it fun and cheerful with sing-a-longs to some holiday favorites. Break out some long sparklers for the adult guests to light things up in a unique way. You could have tables with board games or create some fun holiday games as well. For friend or family holiday parties, do a gift exchange with a game. It’s another fun way to pass the time during the party.

Holiday parties are a great time to laugh, love, and relax. Take time to create an epic holiday party by simply thinking about all the things that people love most about the holiday season. 

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