September 25, 2022
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Hot! 10 Scarves That Will Brighten Your Winter Wardrobe

Photo: J.crew

Now that the bright and warm summer days are firmly behind us, we are desperately coveting the ultimate winter must have – a fashionable scarf. A stylish neck warmer, like a great accessory, can instantly transformed an otherwise ordinary ensemble into something remarkable and fashionable; and why we WANT a great selection of this winter layering (and warming) essential. Naturally (fashion fiends that we are) we turned to the interwebs to help us stock our closet (and yours) with dazzling scarves. Whether you work in an ultra-conservative office or a casual environment, or whether you just like to layer, we’ve got something just for you. Take a look at your new winter scarf. No need to thank us.

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Amazon – V Fraas Women’s Classic Fraas Plaid Scarf ($34)


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