June 29, 2022
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Hot! New for MCM handbags: Designer Collaborations

Available in stores now is MCM’s newest collaboration with famed designer and stylist, Patricia Field. Field and MCM handbags have teamed up with Field’s long-time artist friend Martine to sketch the silhouette of a woman’s face on the collection. The collection consists of 5 styles with the timeless MCM logo, overlayed by Martine’s sketches.

Available in spring are the newest bags by the collaborative effort of MCM and contemporary artist, Craig Redman. The Shanghai Collection was inspired by Redman’s love of Shanghai’s

Image thanks Lisa Bensley BeautyByBenz

history as a port city. The collection is very nautical in feel, but twisted with bright pops of color. Redman considers the culture in Shanghai vibrant and colorful, so he used this in creating the colors on the twisted rope theme of the bags. Still using the MCM logo as the backbone of the handbag, these bags are intricately detailed, but are fun in spirit.

Lisa Bensley (of BeautybyBenz.com)

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