June 18, 2021

Hot! Product Review: Darphin’s Jasmine Aromatic Care

darphin_1192009Darphin’s Jasmine Aromatic Care (D-JAC) promises a lot for such a small package.  At $110 for .5oz, this aromatic essence is supposed to  ‘revive tired, dull skin’ amongst other things.  Although directions say to apply just five drops of this golden oil around your face every evening and massage it in, forehead to clavicle, I used it for olfactory pick me ups before an interview or while commuting on NYC’s steel bronco, or after my students returned from P.E. smelling of hot human.

D-JAC’s key ingredients include: Jasmine Essential Wax, Rosewood and Orange Essential Oils, Raspberry Pip and Muscat Oils, and Avocado Extracts — translation, it’s reminds me of Wringley’s Juicy Fruit gum with hints of mandarin.  The smell is soothing; it transports me to a peaceful place full of  talking flowers, smiling clouds, and lei making blue birds.

Once the bottle is empty, I will truly tell if my skin’s ‘elasticity improved.’ It definitely feels ‘revitalized,’ for Darphin’s taught me how to properly Open Gates, Pump, and Drain Away- phytodrainage techniques used at Darphin’s Institute in France that help oxygenate the skin keeping it radiant.  Who doesn’t want young, glowing skin?

Alex “The Fabulous”


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