November 19, 2018

Hot! Gallery Eva Mendes Holiday Collection for NY & Co is Now is Stores


Let’s face it, Eva Mendes work sartorial choices aren’t like yours or mine. Yet she designed a special collection for the holiday available exclusively at NY&Co for the working woman that is not only fashionable but also wallet-friendly.

For most women, work clothes usually stray towards the pencil skirt, tailor pants paired with flattering blouses. For Mendes, a “work outing” or a red-carpet premiere usually involves her choice of designer gown that most women can’t afford.  For the record, my day “work” ensemble choice might involved an onesie (judge me if you must but they are really comfortable) or a bright and colorful dress for the evening. So, it is refreshing that she is teaming with NY&Co to create really affordable fashion for the masses. In fact everything from the sophomore collection is under $200.

The collection is refreshing and for work clothes pretty hip. They are a slew of items for the working woman that really resemble Mendes personal style. There’s everything from the perfect LBD in the form of an eyelit dress, unfussy yet fashionable dresses, cute tops, chic accessories, the perfect pencil skirt and even (the most expensive item in the collection) a gorgeous coat. With such a shopping list of a covetable items, its a good thing that the holiday collection has a wide range of sizes (available in 0-18 and XS -XL). So most women can walk in the pop-shop (166 Spring) and feel included in the fashion conversation. Something that is often missing, for the curvier woman, in the collabs.

The collection is now available to shop online, in stores and at the pop-up shop at 166 Spring St.

Here are some of my favorites:

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