May 9, 2021
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Hot! Ryan Leslie Transition Album Release Party

In better late than never news.

Ryan Leslie had a party to celebrate the release of new album Transition at The Times Center.  As part of his album release he takes us his road to transition, including the moment(s) where he got his inspiration. And, the impending Yankee’s game didn’t get keep people away because it was a packed house with not an empty seat in the auditorium.

The Times Center is a lovely and perfect for the night activities.  Ryan even joked “I hope you like this place because I am paying a lot of money for it.”  I was excited to hear tracks from his new album and wasn’t expecting to actually see him at the event so I was surprised when I did. I apparently, I  missed read the  invitation because everyone was aware Ryan Leslie would attend.

Transition is Ryan Leslie attempt to win the love a woman (whom he thinks he is in love with).  And, at the event we saw him work on winning her over in the form a documentary reel.  There’s really cute scene were he is in the studio with trying to work his magic on said woman with the help of his interns and other co-workers. In addition to seeing a man trying to win a woman we see a creative master at work.  For instance, there’s another scene were we see Ryan use a  broom as a musical instrument for a song.  We also get the see process of creating this album including his
dorky side via tapes from his teenage years. I don’t think much has change in terms of his dorkyness(I KID) but now he is a famous musician and a really good one that.  And, his love of music was very apparent even as very young kid.

My favorite track on the album is Zodiac but listen for yourself.  I can honestly say that I had not seem him in this matter I would never have brought this album and now I am really digging some of the tracks.

P.S. I love singers. There I said it.

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