April 13, 2021
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Hot! First Look: OUT100 Special Issue Covers!

Here’s a sneak peek at OUT’s 17th Anniversary issue with its four cover stars; Comedienne Kathy Griffin; actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson; model Andrej Pejic; and legend and activist Larry Kramer all have the honor of being in this very special cover.

Here are some Highlights:

Kathy Griffin, who is named the “Entertainer of the Year,” tells magazine “I was beyond a nerd. I was that girl who went to the dance with a gay guy, but he didn’t know he was gay yet.  I asked four guys to the Sadie Hawkins dance, and they all said ‘No.’ Do you know how embarrassing that is?  And then, one adorable gay man who just happened to be in Fiddler on the Roof with me said ‘Yes.’  We’ve been friends ever since.”

Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who is named “Artist of the Year,” jokes “Jane Lynch must have said, ‘I don’t want it this year, stop showering me with praise, please give it to someone else.  And I was, like, fourth on the Someone Else list.”

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