March 26, 2023
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Hot! Bacardi Creates the Ultimate Party Experience


Spirit companies know how to create buzz for their brands. Often this involves splashy ad campaigns paired with interactive consumer programs and experiences. Case in point: BACARDÍ launched a new ad featuring a moving house, that the company then turned into a real-life experience for consumers.

The ad (see below), titled “The Truck,” and bears the clever tagline “There’s Nothing in the Way,” features an adventurous squad reveling in the “ultimate” party with a unique twist. The party held in a house that is not only packed with (naturally) Bacardi Rum but also movable and glides across various locations. The ad was shot with a hand-held camera to resemble a video shared among friends rather than a big-budget production. “This is the evolution of ‘BACARDÍ Untameable Since 1862.’ We want to fuel that modern-day hustle,” explained Mauricio Vergara, Chief Marketing Officer for North America, and global lead for BACARDÍ rum. “Our heritage and history is very important to us, and we wanted to create something where consumers feel like we can be part of their story and they can be part of ours. That’s why the ad isn’t overly stylized or overtly ad-like.” 

To celebrate the campaign and to give consumers a peek at the makeshift home, the Bermuda based distiller, hosted a festive Halloween party in Philadelphia (which his gal attended on a party bus) and kicked off The BACARDÍ Ultimate House Party.

The party featured rousing DJ sets (think partying in Europe) from R. City and MeLo-X along with an epic musical set from Chromeo (both got into spirit of Halloween and dressed as each other) and included creative touches worthy of notice. For instance, the DJ “booth” was a re-purposed grill (no seriously) that was gutted to fit turn-tables and other DJ equipment. It also included a “backyard”, featuring a white-picket fence, green lawn, and cute “lawn chairs,” that served as the VIP station. There was also “living room” that included plush seats, fancy decor and served as a makeshift conference room. In the room media got to chat with creatives –Chef Roble Ali, Conrad Benner, Nassa, DJ Clark Kent and rapper MeLo-X and learn about what drives their passion.


The The BACARDÍ Untameable House Party will make additional stops in Washington DC (November 14), Atlanta (November 20) , and in Miami (December 5) for a closing party during Art Basel.

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