July 16, 2018

Hot! Leaf Vodka Debuts Made with Really Really Fancy Water

Everyone loves a good “Cosmo”, and Leaf Vodka celebrated its launch Thursday night, with a new take on the old classic, “The Pink Glacier.”
On the SoHi floor of the Trump SoHo hotel, Leaf Vodka debuted its offerings with a beautiful view overlooking the “City of Blinding Lights” (to quote U2)! Leaf Vodka promises to be a memorable launch with its 100% organic ingredients, processes and impacting tastes. It is currently only distributed out of New Jersey and branching out to Connecticut soon. “Vodka flavors can change with just the adjustment of what water is used,Julius Criscione, National Sales and Marketing Direct of Global Spirits for Leaf, explained. The nuances of the flavors are detected even by the least discerning consumers.
Naturally when toasting and sampling a new Vodka and in such a beautiful space, it is appropriate to dress in cocktail attire. And that’s what the attendees did.  Revelers, dressed in formal attire, enjoyed the smooth taste of vodka made the Alaskan Glacial waters and Rocky Mountain Mineral waters. -Brit Sellers, ICFashionChic


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