May 20, 2018

Hot! Gallery 10 Animal Sweaters We Are Lusting… And You Will Too.

Animal Sweater


We love cute animals. Whether they are sneezing. Creating their own Super Bowl. You name it. Naturally, we get excited when we see sweaters with cute animals printed on them.  Luckily, for use they are not just for kids. Animals on sweaters can add a chic and hip feel to your adult wardrobe. Are you daring enough to add an funky sweater spruce up your ensembles? Because we got options. 

Embellished Graphic Fleece – Oatmeal, $49.95
BCBG Studded Pull Over
Big Cat Knit Sweater
Old Navy Bird Sweater
oh dear sweater
Quirky Panda Sweater

Cute Animal Sweatshirt ($49.95). Available at American Eagle.

Terrier Intarsia Sweater ($35.70). Available at Aeropostale.

Keri Intarsia Studded Pullover ($268).  Available at BCBG.

Dog Knit Sweater ($29). Available at HM.

Born to be Free Snow Jumper ($118). Available at French Connection. 

LC Lauren Conrad Fox Sweater ($39.99). Available at Kohls.

Pull&Bear Dog Sweater ($46.26). Available at Asos

Bird Crew-Neck Sweater ($29). Available at Old Navy.

Oh dear sweater ($74.99). Available at Madewell.

Quirky Panda Sweater ($27.80). Available at Forever 21.

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