September 28, 2021
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Hot! The Yard Opening Party Recap

There’s a new club in NYC and its called “The Yard,” is located on 55 West 41 and is the same place were Porky’s once stood.   The Yard comes to you from the owners of Status Group. Not to worry though, The Yard was revamped to reflect a more grown up setting.   The changes undertaken were the idea of Cole Bernard and Eric Unger of the Status Group.  Mr. Bernard, says the changes are intended to “shake things up a little,” without “losing the things we are known for.” As with Porky’s artist Darren Boerkel was asked to create art or rather walls that reflect the new feel of the place. I must say the work done was very impressive and I did find myself lost in the works and the walls.

“The Yard” officially opened its door just in time for Halloween. So, it its no surprise that some guests took the opportunity to bring the sexy.  I spotted a couple of sexy pirates. Yeah, am I the only one that thinks pirates and sexy shouldn’t good in the same sentence? I am just saying. In addition to sexy pirates which honestly, really confused me,  some celebrities also came to the opening.

The first guest to arrived was Verne Troyer but you probably know him as Mini-Me and boy is he tiny but he doesn’t stop him from “macking” on the ladies.

Check out his picture  along with Adrienne Bailon,  and  Ashley Dupree

I spotted him chatting up with a pair of tall women on his way up. Play on, playa.  The next guest to arrive was Ashley Dupre but you may know her as Elliot Spitzer’s special friend dressed as a COP a sexy cop, at that.

She was quite but pleasant and polite. I didn’t really get a chance to speak to her. The last guest to was arrive to Adrienne Bailon. Since, she really celebrated a birthday a small batch of cupcakes were brought up and we sang happy birthday to her and she continue her party with her friend in the VIP section.

Now, if you are looking for a cool place to kick back and chill were you can come as you are then you should check out The Yard. Its very laid back and they will soon have a kitchen so you will also can eat while enjoying your beer.

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