February 19, 2019

Hot! Gallery Hot Beauty Buys for November

Here are our top picks from pampering services to go-to gadgets to grace your beauty arsenal this month.

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Red Door Spa Brandied Pear and Marshmallow Body Melt Treatment

As if this seasonal service doesn’t sound absolutely delicious… news flash: it also leaves you feeling relaxed, renewed, and ready for the best night’s sleep. Not too much of a surprise, since I’m pretty sure that the Red Door Spa is basically heaven on earth.

Treat yourself to the Brandied Pear & Marshmallow Melt Body Treatment and you’ll have tired skin exfoliated with a pear-infused brandy and sea salt scrub - the scent itself is intoxicating but calming. As soon as you hit the shower to rinse off, you’ll discover a version of your skin that has been luxuriously buffed and polished, and a renewed feeling of being pure and soft -- like a baby’s! The marshmallow moisturizing shea butter then awaits you while a massage gives tired muscles some greatly needed TLC.

$135 at Red Door Spa

Karuna Body Collection

Just launched this season, the Karuna Body Collection offers heavenly scented Hand and Foot Masks. No need to fret - even while you rest your hands and enjoy the at-home spa treatment, you’re not totally out of commission; the hand masks were created to allow you to still use touch screen devices even while you have them on! The Age-Defying+ Hand Mask is a targeted treatment that can be worn overnight for hands that are in need of more intense hydration. Similarly, the Exfoliating+ Foot Mask can be worn overnight to gently exfoliate dead skin cells while softening callused skin - just slip on a pair of socks over the mask.

Fundamentally, the paraben-free formulas are designed to deeply condition skin with an infusion of serum for maximum moisture. And the fragrances are ones to rave about - the first time I tried the hand mask, I couldn’t stop smelling my hands afterwards!

$32.00 (4 individually wrapped hand masks - a one month supply) at Karuna
$38.00 (4 individually wrapped foot masks - a one month supply)

amika Bombshell Blowout Thermal Brush

While we wish we could have our personal stylist on standby for professional blowouts whenever we want, it’s just not possible. Time is of the essence, and that’s just what amika thinks too. The brand’s new Bombshell Blowout Thermal Brush lets you skip the use of a blow dryer in creating a blowout at home in half the time by combining heat and bristles into one ceramic barrel.

To use it, make sure your hair is fully dry (not damp or wet). When you’re finished with styling, you’ll find that your hair isn’t frizzy and has a beautiful sheen to it.

Note: while it’s out of stock right now -- testament to how phenomenal of a tool it is -- it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for when it’s up for grabs again.

$100.00 at Sephora

HUM Nutrition

Wellness starts from within, and HUM’s playful packaging and personality encouraged me to give these beauty supplements a try. I have phases where I’m really strict with taking my vitamins - I don’t know why. But HUM makes it easy by helping to breakdown its key ingredients and correlate their benefits with specific concerns, such as lack of energy, weight loss, dull complexion, etc.

Flatter Me, for example, is intended to help with bloating and improve digestion. Taken at the same time everyday and with food, it is easy to make this a habit - one that you can expect results from with continued use (we recommend sticking with it at least a month before results are clear).

Since starting on a HUM regimen a few months ago, overall my sensitive stomach has felt better and I’ve had more energy to power through the day (thanks Uber Energy!).

$25.00 at HUM Nutrition

Circa Beauty Color Saturated Eye Shadow Crayon

As someone who rarely uses eyeshadows (powder, cream, or pencil), I was surprised by just how hooked I've been on Circa Beauty. There was one week where I used it almost every day - unheard of for me, personally.

The creamy formula is wonderfully pigmented with just the right amount of sparkle; the Pure Topaz hue is my favorite and now practically everyday go-to.

I’ve continued using my NARS eyeshadow primer base to prep my eyelids, and coupled with this eye shadow crayon, the color remarkably lasts all day. I can’t say the same for other shadows I’ve used with that same primer. It’s a magical combination.

Last but not least, this eye shadow crayon is only $10 and you can find it exclusively at Walgreens. Yep - high impact makeup, inexpensive price, and genuinely great quality. Need I say any more?

$10.00 at Walgreens

VENeffect Anti-Aging Lip Treatment

For me it’s that decade where it makes sense to start gradually incorporating anti-aging products into my regimen (nothing wrong with being proactive!). This was perhaps my greatest discovery from attending this year’s inaugural Indie Beauty Expo.

This powerful treatment is intensely hydrating and delivers targeted results for lips and the area surrounding them - for me it’s worked wonders and been the best thing I’ve used to banish areas of dry skin that I get once in awhile near the corners of my mouth.

If you find you need some extra moisture during the day, the fragrance and paraben-free formula goes on clear and not at all oily, so there’s no residue or shine to the skin around your lips. It sounds simpler than it is - because I’ve never used anything so effective for treating the lip area.

$85 at VENeffect, Bloomingdales, and Space NK

GrandePRIMER Lash Boosting Pre-Mascara Lengthen & Thickener

The days of only using an eyelash curler and mascara are over - at least for me. If I’m going to wear makeup at all, I can’t imagine my makeup bag without this lash primer. It lengthens and thickens lashes - and the result is an eye-opening, voluminous set of lashes that have never looked better and have people eyeing mine in awe (I’ve gotten so many compliments!).

When applied, it leaves a white priming finish to lashes, but you needn’t worry - a normal coat of mascara immediately following leaves no trace of the white tint. The power of this primer is in its conditioning and moisturizing ingredients, including Sympeptide 226EL and glycerin.

All these years I’ve used so many different mascaras, but nothing compares to having this primer as the secret weapon. It’s so worth the one extra step in the routine.

$24.95 at Grande Lash MD and select spas/salons

Silk’n Pedi

This gadget is a game-changer if you’ve ever experienced dry or rough skin on your feet (and admit it - we all have). Designed for convenient at-home use, it comes with two different roller heads - one with a more coarse grain for tougher calluses, and one with a fine grain for more sensitive area in need of some TLC. A small cleaning brush is included to keep the device and rollers in tip-top shape through use.

When using the device, note that it should be used when feet are dry - not wet. The results are amazing - and when we say amazing, we mean tested-on-rough-man-feet-amazing. We quote: “So this is what the floor is supposed to feel like?”

$29.00 at Silk’n

Proactiv Deep Cleansing Body Brush

Enhance your shower routine with Proactiv's newly released Deep Cleansing Body Brush and your hard-to-reach places will thank you. The cleansing body brush is designed for portability and ease of use, featuring a removable silicone to effectively cleanse the skin (combine with your favorite cleanser). It reaches even the often neglected body parts like the back (hello), neck and shoulders.

What's more, the brush also works out of the shower.  Remove the attached head to reveal the texturized fastener and use with single-use body cleansing pads, like the Proactiv Clear Zone Body Pads, for continuous acne-fighting benefits.

Proactiv Deep Cleansing Body Brush $29.95 for members; $45 for non-members available at proactivcatalog.com)

The Body Shop's Moroccan Rhassoul

As the weather gets colder, my skin feels the effects. It needs extra love. My skin is also prone to rashes and minor breakouts. This is when The Body Shop's Moroccan Rhassoul Clay comes in handy. Apply a generous amount of the clay to draw out impurities. Sit back, let the mask do its job, and after ten minutes you'll feel your skin tighten- the clay will also change from a dark gray to a lighter gray and you'll know you're done. Rinse and you'll notice livelier skin that actually feels smooth, due to the clay being infused with fair trade, organic sesame oil from Nicaragua.

The Body Shop's Moroccan Rhassoul -- Available at The Body Shop $24


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