September 26, 2021
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To faithful Fab! Readers, my next revelation will come as no surprise but it does bear repeating – I love LOFT; from the uber chic accessories, to the modern and beautiful designed clothes, to the luxurious selection of fabrics, I seem to love everything about them (and no I am not getting paid but I do welcome payments).

They seen to think of ways to get you in the shopping mood. How? Well, I received a special “LOFT Love List.” This list contains 25 great gifts to give, get and KEEP (starting at only $24.50). Created by the LOFT styling team, the “LOVE LOFT List,” will certainly help in properly shopping for the must-haves of the season that much easier.

Don’t you just love? If you are in a giving mood, I just adore dress number eight. I am just saying.

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