December 1, 2022
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Hot! Mizani Newest System Tames Even the Most Unruly Hair

In the last couple of years, the selection of products for textured hair has increased tremendously. Gone are the days when women with tightly coiled hair were regulated to using a small selection of products to manage their manes. Now there are a slew of products that are not only effective but gentle. So, it reduces the need to use harsh chemicals to keep the hair in check. As someone who has opted out of relaxing my hair because the process always left my scalp burned, I am grateful for the increased offerings. I am always eager to try to new products that will help me better manage my hair.

One such product is MIZANI’S NEW Fiberfyl Fiber Strengthening System. The new in-salon treatment which I recently tried at Fort Greene’s Time Studio is formulated to prevent breakage, bind split ends, and strengthen even the most over-processed hair. The system worked wonders on my dull hair. My hair was dry. It was brittle. It was dull. It was also lifeless. The skilled hairstylist worked the product then leaving in my hair for a few minutes before washing it out. The results were immediate. My hair felt smooth. It felt conditioned and it was easier to dry. The impressive results are due in part, to the system’s formulation. It is formulated with 5% filloxane, a revolutionary molecule that interacts with Keratin, the protein that forms the essential part of the hair. The technology helps the hair fiber act as a reconstructive web that repairs the hair from the inside out. The molecule also fills weak areas without hardening with a protective shield to provide damage protection. So, your hair will look and feel healthier after just one treatment. At least mine did.

While the Fiberfyl Fiber Strengthening Treatment is only available for use by professionals at salons, Mizani also released a product for at home use. The MIZANI Fiberfyl Essential Strengthening Fix ($13.98) offers many of the same benefit as the in salon treatment. The styling primer cream is formulated with 2% Filloxane. As a result it treats and repairs damaged hair in-between salon visits. It also helps build stronger hair with every use.

So, if you have  over-processed, color treated hair, transitioning hair prone to breakage, or just hair that won’t act right, you might want to ask for this treatment during your next salon visit.

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