January 28, 2023
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Hot! Hot Beauty Buy: Peter Thomas Roth ‘Un-Wrinkle® Turbo’ Face Serum

Peter Thomas Roth - 'Un-Wrinkle® Turbo' Face Serum

My questionable life choices (read: not sleeping enough, late nights filled often preceded by lots of champagne and not drinking enough water) often leave my skin dehydrated and dull. To get my skin in check and looking for right, I need a product that adds hydration to my parched skin quickly.

Peter Thomas Roth ‘Un-Wrinkle® Turbo’ Face Serum ($150) is like magic in a tiny bottle. It gives me much needed hydration. My skin feels smoother and looks fresh. It also super light so its disappears into my skin really quickly. That’s a plus for me as I often find facial moisturizers are thick and I end up feeling the need to scratch. This works just right for me.



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