January 30, 2023
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Hot! Samsung Welcomes Kanye West at the Launch of Galaxy NOTE II

Its seems Samsung is focusing on attracting ultra hip customers. As a result, their latest launches along with their accompanying promotional events have been very splashy. Let’s see for the launch of the highly lauded Galaxy S III, the electronic firm, held a massive press conference where every journalist was gifted with the device. That launch was followed by a series of events where S III owners and fans were invited to promotional parties — including one with Lupe Fiasco. And, just last week, to celebrate the launch of the much anticipated Galaxy NOTE II, Samsung hosted a fête which gathered hundreds (with lines wrapping around a Manhattan block) Samsung-fanatics as buzz of Kanye West’s expected appearance spread.

Held at Skylight at Moynihan Station, a train station turned event space, the event included  product demonstrations. Todd Pendleton, Chief Marketing Officer for Samsung Telecommunications America and Kevin PackinghamSamsung Chief Product Officer both gushed about Galaxy NOTE II at the press conference and with good reason.  The device featuring 1.6 GHz quad-core processor and a 5.5 HD Super screen, has a slew of really nifty innovations that left us completely dazzled.  For instance, the Galaxy NOTE II, includes a “S-Pen” that activates your favorite apps quickly. It also  has an “Air-View” functionality which offers the users to quickly glance over emails, galleries, and galleries without having to open them.  And, our favorite part about the Galaxy NOTE II is the sketching functionality. With the app even the most inept artist can create wall worthy works of arts in seconds. The  Galaxy NOTE II which truly feels more like a personal tablet,more like “phablet”, is jammed packed with functionality; so we spent a great deal of time during the event giving the NOTE II a test drive while we attempted to wait for Kanye West. Kim Kardashian’s latest boo closed the event and by all accounts performed a mesmerizing set featuring a medley of songs from both his new tunes and classic anthems.

The Galaxy NOTE II is available for Verizon,T-mobile, Sprint, and AT&T, and U.S Cellular.

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