May 24, 2018

Hot! DJ M.O.S Celebrates Birthday at GoldBar

On Tuesday night a group VIP of revelers descended to Little Italy’s GoldBar to celebrate the birthday of D.J. M.O.S.

The professional party starter, who also happens to be one of our favorite DJ’s, gathered an elite crowd of nightlife personalities and tastemakers.

Guests in attendance jammed to tunes from the set of rotating DJ’s including, D.J. Kiss (also his gorgeous wife and another one of our favorite people), D.J. D-Nice, DJ Rumor and featured an opening sect from D.J. Jimmy Da Gent. Partygoers—including DJ Goldfinger, Tyson, Amanda Diva,DJ Peter Paul, Janell Snowden, and NAS (who we randomly saw earlier in the evening exiting a cab), mingled in the swanky skull covered space, amidst a sea of black balloons etched with M.O.S’s signature logo; and sipped on refreshing specialty vodka cocktails.  Obviously, we had an amazing time.

Happy Birthday.

See below some additional images from the night below.

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