April 13, 2021
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Hot! CMJ Festival: The Fourth Kind Review

“It started as a sleep disorder study that became the most compelling evidence yet,” the movie announcer states, “of an encounter of the fourth kind.”  Even curious non Sci-Fi fans or anti-UFO conspiracy theorists can not pass up a hook like this.  This movie’s fitting title describes the last and most traumatic stage of human and alien contact, abduction. Since the 60’s, an unsettling and disproportionate number of people have gone missing in Nome, Alaska, a remote town only accessible by plane.  Despite thousands of FBI visits, civilians and authorities alike have trouble explaining why these disappearances are happening and where the missing have gone.

Actress Milla Jovovich, star of The Fourth Kind, plays Dr. Abigail Tyler , a psychologist who documents her patients’ sessions only to find troubling commonalities of alien encounters.  Cursed with knowledge, Dr. Tyler faces many dangers.  Jovovich’s scenes, like many others, are often shown side by side with real footage recorded by Dr. Tyler. The technique creates a powerful effect on the viewer. Reality and Hollywood fiction are partners in crime, both guilty of shaking any doubt in our minds that the universe is bigger than the self or that what we believe is true is as limited as our current knowledge base.

Jovovich and the movie’s director Olatunde Osunsanmi offer a believe-what-you-may, but do not dismiss what you are about to see preamble during opening credits. Osunsanmi, once a crew member for Smokin’ Aces and now a writer on the prequel, Smokin’ Aces 2: Assassins’ Ball (2010), explores alien encounters with an open-mind, a mastery of the modern thriller, and a deep respect for facts and Dr.Tyler’s striking videotaped evidence.

Whether or not you have experienced an encounter of the first kind, a sighting, or the second, an encounter, or the third, contact with extraterrestrials, be assured that The Fourth Kind is not just your ordinary movie about aliens with big heads and bug eyes, random unexplainable crop circles, or Roswell government cover-up stories; it’s a well-paced, mystery thriller for skeptics, believers, and the undecided to enjoy alike.

The movie will hit stores November 6th, 2009.


Alex E.

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