March 3, 2021

Hot! The Diesel Party is Almost Here and The Bracelets are GONE

Did you find “THE BARON?” Well, if you were lucky enough to meet “The Baron”  for the Diesel party then you are in luck because the event gearing to be a good night of fun. Past, Diesel parties include performances by a very pregnant MIA, N.E.R.D.’s Pharrell Williams and Baltimore MC Rye Rye.  The truth is no one knows what to expect in terms of performances but one thing is for certain the event will be good.

“The Baron,” is a Metamorphmagus.  And, he or she took advantage of these special powers to transform into many different people.  For me  “The Baron” was a young blond man but for others “The Baron” was an African American woman and while some where to “weirded” out by experience to accurately describe “The Baron”

Be on the lookout for the party review.

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