May 18, 2022
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Hot! This Watch Will Make You Really Popular


I don’t wear watches. So I am surprised by how much the LG G WATCH has changed my life and the way I do business. And, now I wear it nearly everyday.  I just intended to use this smartwatch for just few days and then put it back in the box. like a lot of my other watches. However, before I knew it the watch had become a part of my life.

It should go without saying that this watch is not like typical timepieces. For starters, I like that I can see my emails on the watch. So, if I am at a meeting or I am busy taking pictures, I can still continue what I am doing and still see what’s happening with my inbox. For someone like me this is a big deal. I also like that it counts my steps for me. This allows me to know whether I am meeting my fitness goals. There’s also the fact you can send yourself notes– just say: ok Google and create a note. After that you’ll receive an email with your note. If that wasn’t enough, it also notifies you when you have a call coming in which is pretty neat.

The LG G WATCH, is currently on sale (retails $229.99), is compatible with android devices featuring version ANDROID™ 4.3 or higher.  Get it because it instantly makes you really popular, as everyone wants to know about it.


**Received this watch from the brand but I was under no obligation to include anything. I just love it.

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