February 4, 2023
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Hot! HP Is Helping Everyone Create 3D Images Easily…Find Out How

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Until recently creating computer generated 3D projects at home seemed completely unattainable for the average person. However, thanks to HP and the latest addition to the Sprout super machine, is actually happening and what’s more is completely accessible to just about everyone willing to take the leap.

As a quick refresher, earlier this year HP launched the Sprout. The powerful workstation was designed with creatives in mind. Sprout by HP, features a unique and proprietary application that allow users to create fun projects such as greeting cards, work-presentations and other similar projects using a mat rather than a traditional computer monitor. Out of the box the machine (via the built in 3D Snapshot) is already capable of creating and rendering 3D images but this requires precise user interaction with the mat and end the result might not be as accurate as it could be.  But with the latest introduction of the HP 3D scanner this process has gotten easier and more efficient.


The 3D Capture by HP is an affordable at home 3D scanner (it retails for $299) that works very much like a typical scanner. Objects are placed on the surface while the machine rotates in a 360 circular motion to render the object.  It does take a several scans to create a full composite of the object but the end result is a high-quality 3D image. In the end the 3D scanner reduces the amount of user interaction with the mat and it helps create incredible 3D (read life like) images easily. That said, there are some limits– objects placed on the mat can’t weigh more than four pounds or larger than 8x8x8. There’s also bit of a learning (as with all new technology), for example shiny objects, thin or transparent objects don’t scan well.


A snapshot of 3D Scanner in progress.


In my experience, I’ve found that mat objects with depth really scan well and create the best 3D images. Also, I’ve found that it helps to use something (like silly putty) to stick the object to the scanner because otherwise it might slide and you will have to start a scan over and take can take minutes. But once you get the feel for the scanner, its actually kinda fun to scan objects and see the results.  I actually think families with young children will benefit from having them. A child can easily spend time scanning objects and creating fun projects.

sprout projecy


Above is a project, I created using a 3D image I scanned and the built in software in the Sprout by HP machine. While this was a simple project (I am also not very creative) a person who loves to create will really fun playing around with the software. In the meantime take a peek at Sprout creator gallery here to see what for fun project ideas people have created.

The Sprout by HP retails for $1599.99 and if you want to add a 3D printer, HP is offering the Dremel 3D Printer for $999.  Learn more about the Sprout by HP on sprout.hp.com

** Disclosure: While I received compensation to create this point, all opinions are honest review of the process and my own**



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