October 21, 2016

Hot! Five Steps To The Perfect Girls’ Night In

5489f6a95e586_-_rbk-girls-night-out-wine-television-s2There comes a time in every woman’s life when you decide that you no longer want to spend countless hours dressing up and applying endless amounts of makeup to cover up how exhausted you are. It’s then that you realize you’d much rather prefer to spend the night in.

That doesn’t mean your nights have to be dull though. If you and your girl pals are stuck for ideas to liven up your evening why not try some of my top five favorite girls’ nights-in?

1) Playing Online Games

Nowadays we all have a range of devices such as phones, tablets, laptops etc in our homes. All of these different types of technology have a range of different features which enable you to access the latest games and activities online that you can enjoy and share with your friends. It’s not just us that have fun playing the likes of Candy Crush or Bejeweled with our girlfriends – even celebrities are in on the act. Sin City actress Rosario Dawson is a big fan of playing games online.  Games range from fun apps right through to fully-fledged virtual casinos. All of these can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home.

2) Movie night

Call your friends and ask them to bring their favorite DVDs over. To avoid a long-winded debate about whose DVD should be chosen why not put them in a bag and pick and mix to select your evening’s entertainment? Some of my favorite ‘girlie’ movies include Legally Blonde, Thelma and Louise, and Mean Girls.

Of course, every movie night needs some nibbles to go along with it. These don’t have to be unhealthy. Try some low-fat popcorn without all the butter, some healthy plain nuts or dips with sour cream, hummus and homemade tortilla ‘chips’ baked in the oven.

3) Book Club

I love curling up with a good book. Many times I find that a good read has been selected by pot luck rather than a good review or recommendation. Gather your friends around to chat about the latest titles that they have read.  You never know it might encourage you and your friends to start having more ‘me’ time!

4) Great British Bake Off Night

I’ll probably never be able to bake cakes like Mary Berry but I can have fun trying. We’ve all seen the show and have questioned whether we could bake such amazing creations. Often these are tested out on our partners or kids and maybe every so often we even taste test a few ourselves. So let your non-judgmental friends be your very own Mary and Paul for the night! For some excellent recipe ideas click here.

5) Board Game Night

Pull out some of your old board games or even invest in a new game for the evening. Everyone enjoys playing those board games you once loved as a child but how long is it since you pulled out that game of Monopoly or got yourself in a tangle with a game of Twister? Spin the dial, get yourself ready and indulge in a game of physical skill, while placing your left hand on the red circle, your right hand on the green, and… where’s that yellow circle again?

So, there’s no reason to be bored – get your friends round and have a great night in. Try one, two or maybe even all five of the above in one night for the perfect evening.

— Guest Post! Thanks Louise.

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