June 2, 2023

Hot! Alyssa Milano Chats Project Runway All Stars


Alyssa Milano, who became a household in her youth on Who’s the Boss and unlike many actors whose careers seem to fizzle when they reach adulthood, has steadily worked.

Recently the new mom to a bouncing baby boy Milo Thomas Bugliari (dad is husband David Bugliari) joins the cast of Project Runway All Stars. “I guess it kind of happened in a very backwards kind of way,” Milano explained. “Harvey Weinstein had actually seen the episode of Fashion Police that I had co-hosted. And sort of you know, decided with Georgina Chapman that maybe I would be a good fit for the show. So it was, you know, a very big surprise when I got that phone call. And you know, my initial response was, you know, excitement, but I wanted to make sure that we were on the same page.” Like everyone else Milano had to go in for a meeting and plead her case. “And I basically just said, you know, I love fashion.” The rest as they say is history.

Milano, joined the competitive season the most competitive season of Project Runway All Stars with 11 former top ranking Project Runway contestants trying their luck again and are competing for the largest price package in runway history worth almost $1 million.

“I do not want to come across like I am trying to be a fashion expert, but really I want to be the voice of that audience member that might love fashion, but that isn’t an insider,” she explains. A job she handles well and is able to stand on her own among seasoned cast members and fashion experts Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman.  Though she became famous because of her acting, she’s been around fashion since she was a “little girl.” Her mother sold her designs at Bloomingdale’s and even had her own store in Brooklyn called Me and We. “So I grow up with patterns all over the house and stick pins in my feet, and all of that,” says Alyssa.

That early fashion experience helped her take on the role and do so flawlessly. “You know, I am used to obviously getting a script and being able to memorize all my lines and go out there. But obviously when you are a host that doesn’t really happen. So that part was quite a transition,” says Milano of the role.  “The judging aspect of what I did that was actually pretty easy for me as far as the transition because you know, I love fashion and I have an opinion about things and I am not shy about putting that out there.

Be sure to check in on October 24th, to see Alyssa Milano as the new judge on Project Runway All Stars.


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