February 19, 2020

Hot! Yes, I’m Hispanic!

“Yes, I’m Hispanic! ” By Luisa Hassan

“You’re too white to be Hispanic!” These words were said to me when I was young and naïve and have stuck with me since. It was the sentiment of most Americans at the time. Just what do people think Hispanics should look like? Well, back then there was no JLo, no Shakira, no Gina Torres, no Alexis Bledel, not even a Salma Hayek. Unfortunately, we had even less role models in the media to show the array of colors we Latinos come in than we do now. It’s no wonder the person who uttered those words to me was so clueless. Sad, I know.

Anyway, many years later (more than I care to admit), Hispanics are all the rage. We are up and coming shoppers. We are up and coming leaders. Hell, we are the biggest minority group in this country. The Latin explosion has come full circle, so where are the cosmetics companies that target Hispanic women?

Sure, there are famous mainstream cosmetics companies that cater to us such as………umm, oh yeah, I can’t think of any. Seriously though, there are a few smaller ones, but they are certainly not in the spotlight. The make up produced by leading cosmetics companies seem to neglect the browns, light browns, yellow, and down right pale skin tones that can be found in any given Hispanic family.

I am here to point out the neglected companies that cater to us Latinas. The following is a list of up and coming cosmetics companies made for you and me. Check them out….




(Website is currently under construction. Give them some time)

Oh, and seriously, people, we come from other countries besides Mexico and Puerto Rico……

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