February 18, 2020

Hot! Fab Find: Christian Siriano Slither Boot For Payless


So I haven’t done a fab find in quite some time and I really don’t have an excuse for my behavior! So there you have it. Anyways, I’ve decided to dedicate today’s fabulous find to this cute shoe above  the Christian Siriano Slither Boot.   I have  the black version with the teal insert though its no longer available online but it is available at Payless stores.  That said can you believe this shoe cost just $49.99?  Yes, seriously and neither can the many women who have stopped me in the street asking me about “cute shoe.”  One woman literally screamed “Shut up!  Did you say Payless? I don’t believe you. I am seriously going to get me a pair.”

Yes it true and believe me when I tell you to check out Payless.  The company has teamed up with some wonderful designers so they are some really cool shoes. So, there you have it my little secret to great shoes at a great price. Sssshhh

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